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The Dogs that make up PFD

Our Pack- Males listed first, Females down towards the bottom



Piebald Male

Carries: Blue

Vidar is a sweet and gentle piebald male. He carries blue and has sired a couple litters who have been nothing short of amazing. He brings great temperament to all.

*He is not a harlequin, proven by color testing*


Harlequin Male

Carries: Piebald, Fawn & Brindle

Laz is our homegrown silly boy. He is very gentle and loving and just wants all the attention.



Blue Brindle Male

Carries: Chocolate, Piebald & Harlequin

Ashur is the most gentle boy we have, though a big weeney also. Loves to be with his best friend Lyra and just sunbathe his life away. 


Harlequin Male

Carries: Blue & Chocolate

Kai is our youngster of the group and not quite ready yet, however, he will make a great stud in the future. (yes, he needs to mature into his body). He is a very sweet and gentle boy. Loves his best friend Jax (our mutt German shepherd)



Blue Fawn male

Carries: Harlequin

Torben is a Blue Fawn male who has the sweetest and most confident personality. He has sired multiple litters who have his sweet temperament. 


Black Female

Carries: Blue and Chocolate

Selene is our first show female. We have been taking her to AKC and UKC shows. Her personality speaks for itself and her confirmation is beautiful. We are lucky to have her. (OLD PHOTOS)



Brindle Female

Carries: Blue and Harlequin 

Demi is sweet and sassy all in one. She is a great protector of her kids. She is a fantastic mom and brought lots of structure to her litters. 


Harlequin Female

Carries: What you see is what you get with this imported girl

Q came  into our lives from Serbia and has been a ball of fun. She is outgoing, loving and just an even tempered girl. We can't wait to see the babies she brings to our program.



Mantle Female

Carries: Blue, Piebald, Tanpoint & Harlequin

Lyra came to us and has been such a goofy girl from the start. Her and Ashur are best buddies and cant imagine living apart. Cant wait to see her babies in the future.


Blue Female

Carries: Fawn, Chocolate & Lilac

Talia is an old soul. She is sweet and sassy and proper (if thats a thing with dogs). We are thankful she is apart of the program and cant wait to see those babies



Black female: 
Carries: Blue & Fawn

Appy is our youngest addition, show prospect and just an all around sound dog. We can't wait to show her off in the future- photos to come.


Blue Fawn Male 
Carries: Tanpoint

Thorin is our potential stud. We are working on his health testing and a couple other things before offering him. These photos are VERY old and outdated, will have updated ones in April. Thorin is a homegrown boy and we hope to be able to use him in the future.

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